Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The past few weeks have been a little hectic. A few hours after our first post, our beautiful, peaceful, little town was hit by a devasting tornado. We were truly blessed that our home & shop were barely touched. However, many friends & acquaintances lost everything. Two of the three churches on Main Street lost their steeples. The third, pictured here, just had its steeple replaced last summer, after over 50 years without one. This steeple remains intact. It's a fantastic symbol of hope for the town.

Starting to get back on track... 

Just want to share a little research on the slipper chairs. We found that their design originated in the first quarter of the 1700's. The design was very popular in the 1800's & had a revival in the 1940s/50s. So, we are quite sure ours are from the latter period.

Also, they feature cabriole style legs ( curved leg with the knee curving outward & the ankle curving inward with an ornamental foot...commonly used with Queen Anne & Chippendale styles...pronunciation: cab-re-ole ). Also, the design of cabriole legs originated in Italy & are a very practical style. The balance they can achieve because of the curvature make them good support for heavier furniture on slim legs without the use of any stretchers.

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