Wednesday, July 13, 2011

So, just have to share, bought the below purse on etsy from Renkli Tasarimlar & absolutely love it!!!
 And, since she was away when I purchased & so wasn't shipped right away (didn't even notice, by the way) gave a gift...the adorable purse below! Sooooo impressed, what a wonderful seller!
Anyways, just put a "new" antique iron bed in the shop for tomorrow:
(Girls not included :) )
As well as this jardiniere:
 Few pics from the garden:

Thursday, June 23, 2011

There was a break in the rain this morning & so we were able to put the new sign up!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Well, we got the new sign Saturday & it came out amazing! Unfortunately, we had made arrangements to put it up this morning, but it's been raining. So, since stuck inside for the day, finished the new website! 
Our new business cards should be coming in a few days. All in all, the transition is coming along.
So, we'll do a little reminiscing today.

Our Saturday Morning Curiosities sign being put up:
January 2010
Some inside shots of the shop from a year ago (and before the new camera)

AH! We've come so far!

No reminisce would be complete without some pictures of the girls from last summer :) 

"Ama Cio Che Fai"
(Love what you do)

Friday, June 17, 2011

 Amazing vintage 70's velvet chesterfield sofa

So, we found out today that our new sign is coming tomorrow morning! We are sooo excited!
Mid century (desk & accessories)! Vanson faux leather & teak chair.

Mid century Syroco wall decorations.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Got some new stuff in in the past week & today starting taking some pictures for etsy, where will finally be listing furniture & decor items. :)
Fooling around with different style furniture with our Italian prints.  :)
We took these shots in our 2008 trip to Italy & had them printed on canvas by Giclee of New England. They did a FABULOUS job. We just love how European architecture blends easily with practically any style.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The past few weeks have been a little hectic. A few hours after our first post, our beautiful, peaceful, little town was hit by a devasting tornado. We were truly blessed that our home & shop were barely touched. However, many friends & acquaintances lost everything. Two of the three churches on Main Street lost their steeples. The third, pictured here, just had its steeple replaced last summer, after over 50 years without one. This steeple remains intact. It's a fantastic symbol of hope for the town.

Starting to get back on track... 

Just want to share a little research on the slipper chairs. We found that their design originated in the first quarter of the 1700's. The design was very popular in the 1800's & had a revival in the 1940s/50s. So, we are quite sure ours are from the latter period.

Also, they feature cabriole style legs ( curved leg with the knee curving outward & the ankle curving inward with an ornamental foot...commonly used with Queen Anne & Chippendale styles...pronunciation: cab-re-ole ). Also, the design of cabriole legs originated in Italy & are a very practical style. The balance they can achieve because of the curvature make them good support for heavier furniture on slim legs without the use of any stretchers.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


 Jules & Luna is the creative outlet of mother & daughter team, Christina & Courtney. Almost two years ago, on a whim we opened a shop, Saturday Morning Curiosities, in a sleepy little New England town. Over this time we have slowly developed from a 'mish mash' shop that included antiques, locally crafted goods, vintage & second hand clothing & eco products to what we are now. Over the next month we will become Jules & Luna, an interiors shop. We are so excited about this because we have pinpointed our passion & now will be following it with full force. 
We are going to use this blog so you can follow our journey on this new venture, including bringing you on the hunt to find fabulous pieces, researching them, seeing our progress on various projects, as well as sharing the things that inspire us. Here you will be able to see furniture, lighting & other home decor before we put them out in our shop or list them in our etsy store.

Some things that we love...

All things vintage & antique

Interior decorating

Hunting for treasure (We are spoiled to live 10 minutes from the infamous Brimfield Flea Market but find our real treasures in other places)

Julian (our cat)

Good food (especially Italian food  :) )

Being creative

Traveling (especially to Europe, the UK, & Montreal)

Carla Bruni, Solas, Tinchy Stryder, One Republic, The Saw Doctors, The Beatles, & Lil Wayne



Craft Beer

& Our six beautiful Ameraucana chickens

 So, anyways while out recently we found a pair of vintage chairs that would seem to fall under the slipper chair category. We are now on the quest to find out more about them...

We also found a Victorian Eastlake settee/ sofa which was wider than any we’ve come across before which is why it appealed to us. The wood looked as if it had received the pickled treatment, but after a good rub with lemon oil it seems it had only started to dry out. It is now restored to a beautiful deep finish. Next we are going to try our hand with a little upholstery cleaning with our newly purchased Little Green...we’ll let you know how that works out.